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Folding Crate - Maxi

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Aykasa foldable crates are made from Turkey using very raw material with which baby bottles are manufactured. Therefore, Aykasa foldable crates are hygienic for your family.

It is suitable for children’s health and does not contain harmful substances.

The Aykasa crates will bring your home both order and an aesthetic look. Aykasa folding crates create extra storage space for clothes, toys and stationery of your children. You can stack them in any color you prefer and organize your kid’s room easily.

When not in use, they easily fold together and take up a minimum of space. Made of PP plast – a material, Aykasa has selected for multiple purposes; It’s foodsafe – bacterias cannot live on the surface. PP plastic is very easy to recycle and therefore has a fine environmental footprint. It is maintenance-free, is highly durable and can be used for many, many years.


L 60 cm, W 40 cm, H 22 cm
Volume 44.25 liters
Loading capacity 22 kg
100 % Recyclable

Note: Due to the volume of the item, actual shipping fee will be verified and provided after order has been submitted.